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Thursday, August 9, 2012@ 5:06 AM
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LawCrossing also has a great customer support team. Renewing your membership or canceling it is just a phone call away. The customer support team is available Monday to Friday. LawCrossing’s great customer service, along with the site’s huge job listings has made it the favorite job search site for people in the legal industry. LawCrossing has 25 times more jobs than any other legal industry job board.

The reason for this is that it collects jobs from over 250,000 websites. So for attorneys and other legal professions, it makes excellent sense to invest in its monthly membership fee. Most lawyers see this as a safe investment when considering the huge student loans that they have taken on. LawCrossing has also emerged as a popular destination for lawyers trying to shift from working in a law firm to an in-house position.

LawCrossing’s customer service team also guides first time users on how to use the website so that members can feel that they are getting the maximum bang for their buck.


Clients Speak

Deshea Dulany | Tennessee
It was a good service, was a user friendly website and search options were really good. I would surely recommend it to friends.

Jessica Rose | Florida
It was wonderful and I will surely recommend it to my friends. Also saw a lot of fresh jobs.

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