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Monday, August 13, 2012@ 5:08 AM
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Unlike most other job boards, LawCrossing is not free for job seekers. This part is disliked by some people who think that job boards should always be free and any job board that makes job seekers pay is a scam site.

But the reason LawCrossing charges a monthly fee to job seekers is that we want to make this an exclusive site for serious job seekers. Users who have used and are using the site are very comfortable associating with a paid site since they take their career very seriously and do not mind paying a nominal fee for getting access to the most exclusive collection of legal jobs. Employers also know that we have serious job seekers since our job seekers are willing to pay a monthly membership fee. This gives LawCrossing a huge competitive advantage and opens up innumerable opportunities for fresh law graduates, mid-level attorneys as well as senior attorneys across the country.

The main aim of other sites is to drive job seeker traffic to their sites, which enables them to sell more advertising spots on their website. These sites try to drive as many job applicants towards every single job posting on their site. The result is that for every one job posting that you apply to, there is a lot of competition.

Paying a monthly fee for getting access to jobs that are hardly if ever advertised anywhere else is a worthwhile investment in your career.

To read more on why LawCrossing is not free click here:

The Reviews

Carmen Ruda | Sacramento, CA
I was able to generate a good number of leads through the website. The website was very easy to operate and I will surely be back when I am in the job market.

Alan Wolberg | New York, NY
It was a great service and has always been one of my favorite search engines and will always be when required.


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