Why LawCrossing

LawCrossing is a job aggregation service unlike any other job board. The main difference between LawCrossing and other job boards is that LawCrossing focuses only on jobs in the legal industry, especially for attorneys. The site is the largest such site in its category. It has thousands of jobs for attorneys – both experienced and fresh law graduates as well as for paralegals and other support staff such as IT professionals working in law firms.

The advantage for job seekers in using LawCrossing is that since the company has people researching legal industry jobs from all over the web as well as print publications, there is a good chance that you will come across jobs from some small law firm in a location that you would most probably have overlooked. There are thousands of sole practitioners who don’t advertise their openings for their legal staff or are interested in taking on capable interns but do not advertise on the usual job boards. Most of these lawyers rely on word-of-mouth and their own websites to let people know what they are looking for.

LawCrossing makes sure that you are connected with these industry professionals, something which would be almost impossible to achieve on your own.