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Sunday, August 5, 2012@ 5:06 AM
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LawCrossing has lots of testimonials from customers who are in various stages of their legal careers.

Most of the customers are happy to pay a monthly fee to access LawCrossing. The site gets many repeat customers who come back to the site whenever they are looking for a job change. LawCrossing members keep getting daily email alerts about job opportunities which help them in their job search.

They all agree that without LawCrossing their job search would have taken much longer and they could possibly have not come across the opportunities that they saw on the site. LawCrossing is also a good site for lawyers who want to switch to an in-house legal position. An excellent tool for law students, LawCrossing is a great way to get judicial clerkships and summer associate positions. Because LawCrossing is a research website and not just a typical job board, it is much more active in finding jobs and posting those jobs on the site. The main benefit for the job seeker is that this means he gets to see jobs that are rarely, if ever advertised on the usual public job boards. With the slowing legal industry job market, the competition for jobs (especially for new graduates) is even fiercer. So for a law student, investing in a research website dedicated to tracking down jobs makes sound financial sense.

It’s not just jobseekers who have signed up on LawCrossing. The site also attracts recruiters who find the site useful to get in contact with good candidates.

Customer Reviews

Joseph McBride | Philadelphia, PA
It was fine, and the search Functionality was ok. I did find relevant postings and would recommend it to friends.

Martha Mackey-Downs | Houston,TX
It was fine. The search functionality was quite good and also found job alerts really useful.

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