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Wednesday, August 1, 2012@ 5:03 AM
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LawCrossing exists for the legal job seeker. Nothing can take us away from our avowed mission to get jobs for legal professionals. We are totally committed in our efforts to serve the legal job market.

Our members love us for what we do for them and trust us with their legal job search needs. Most of them never ever leave us and keep renewing their membership. As much as we would like to have every one of our customers stay on with us forever, we do understand if some of them need to cancel their LawCrossing membership. We respect our customers wishes and offer a very easy way to cancel your membership. We are confident that if you ever need to get back into the legal job search mode, LawCrossing would be the first choice for you.

Canceling your LawCrossing membership is pretty easy. If you are using the free trial offer, then you can cancel any time before your 3-day free membership expires. Your LawCrossing membership will be canceled immediately and you will not be charged a cent. In fact LawCrossing canceled memberships are just as valuable to us as regular members.

LawCrossing’s free trial offer of three days is in fact an excellent way to check the site and see if it matches your legal job search needs. The site has jobs in virtually every practice area as well as listings for law students who are interested in summer associate positions and judicial clerkships.

Canceling your LawCrossing membership is totally a hassle-free process. You simply need to place a call to the LawCrossing customer service number and talk to the LawCrossing customer service personnel about canceling your LawCrossing membership. No questions will be asked and there will be no long arguments. Your membership to LawCrossing will be canceled immediately.

LawCrossing customers keep coming back to LawCrossing when they are in search of a job change or are planning to shift into a different practice area or planning a move to another part of the country. Their preferred job search tool continues to be LawCrossing. This is because with LawCrossing they are in a better position to look up opportunities than they would be through other traditional channels such as recruiters and job boards.

Our customers really love our professional approach and have showered appreciation on us through excellent testimonials and positive feedback about the excellent cancellation procedures we adopt at LawCrossing.

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Customers Speak

William Tansey | Newark, NJ
It was a great service and was worth paying such an amount. The jobs were really good, got lot of opportunities. I would surely come back when needed.

Derrick Bingham | Atlanta, GA
I found a lot of jobs in my area on this website, more than any other. The website has very helpful articles listed for the law students and the quality of the jobs is also very good.

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