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Wednesday, August 22, 2012@ 6:01 AM
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The main advantage for job seekers in using LawCrossing is that since the website has programmers and web researchers tracking more than 250,000 websites for legal industry jobs, job seekers can be sure of finding a good opportunity that they are unlikely to see anywhere else.

May it be any level legal job, if you want it; LawCrossing has it

If you want every legal job out there, go to LawCrossing

LawCrossing’s team crawls the web for jobs posted on company websites, law industry associations, law schools, government job boards and sites, nonprofit websites and corporate websites to bring to its members attorney and other legal industry jobs from every possible location. There are also thousands of sole practitioners who don’t advertise their openings for their legal staff or are interested in taking on capable interns but do not advertise on the usual job boards. Most of these lawyers rely on word-of-mouth, social networking (the old-fashioned way) and their own websites to let people know what they are looking for. But with LawCrossing these professionals now have an option to access the best talent pool in the country.

On LawCrossing’s main page, the site displays how many total jobs it has in its database, along with how many were added in the last 7 days. It also has a breakdown of how many jobs it has in its main categories such as attorneys, law students and paralegals.

What Clients are Saying

Alex Y. | Laguna Hills, CA
LawCrossing has an easy-to-use search. I was able to find lots of listings in a short period of time. A friend told me about LawCrossing, and I will likewise tell others about my great experience with the site.

Rhys B. | San Francisco, CA
With so many facilities in one place, LawCrossing is the best place to search for a job.


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